Bourne Snow And Rain Storm

The light cheerful blue of a swing set stands out against a stormy seascape at the Monument Beach playground.

Children’s books will soon be available, free to the public, at the Monument Beach playground. Permission has been granted to a young girl to install a Little Free Library.

Maggie Shea, who is with Bourne Girl Scouts Troop 62919, appeared before the Bourne Select Board last Tuesday, January 4, asking permission for her Silver Award project. The Bourne Middle School student said the Silver Award “is the second highest award a girl scout can earn and the highest award for my age level.”

“Scouts earning their Silver Award work toward bettering their world and their community,” she said, noting the benefit of the Little Free Library to the town and its residents.

Maggie said the free library encourages young people to read often, which results in relaxation and increases a person’s vocabulary, general knowledge and ability to think and reason.

“The earlier you start, the better, for all those reasons,” she said.

She also said some families may not have the finances to buy books, which can leave their children at a learning disadvantage. To help those less fortunate, she said, is why she wants to set up the Little Free Library.

She assured the board the free library would be set up away from the playground’s parking lot, close to the tennis court, to make it safe for children to access.

Board member Mary Jane Mastrangelo said she has been working with Maggie since last summer, advising her on how to bring her project to fruition.

“She did a lot of background work with this,” Ms. Mastrangelo said. “She went to the library; she talked to people there. She’s done a really great job of navigating the steps you have to take to do a project in Bourne.”

Member Judith M. Froman asked if Maggie is looking for donations of children’s books for the free library. Maggie said she had already received some books from the Jonathan Bourne Public Library, but “all donations help.”

The board voted unanimously to approve Maggie’s request. The motion included coordinating with Bourne Director of Public Works Shawn Patterson on the best place to install the free library at the playground.

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