The Bourne Board of Health has shut down the Parrot

The Bourne Board of Health shut down the Parrot Bar and Grille in Cataumet on Friday, August 2 for an apparent violation of state sanitary code.

The cause for the closure order is not immediately known but a sign outside the restaurant said that it is closed due to a refrigeration issue.

Calls to the establishment were not answered.

The restaurant was closed on Saturday and an order from the health board was taped to the inside of the front door stating that in accordance with Massachusetts General Law, "it has been determined that imminent health hazards exist" and that "all operations related thereto must immediately cease and desist."

The order did not give any specifics to the violation besides citing the sanitary code.

The Parrot is a casual restaurant and bar off Route 28A in Cataumet.

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What else in Bourne or Falmouth is currently closed for health and sanitation reasons? That's often the death knell for a restaurant.

Monique S

Really? A check of neighboring towns taking (each) into account the number of restaurants, and closures/vs warnings (FOIA) tells a different story. You've also got a board member that owns a restaurant in the town they're elected to, another that bartends at another. I really doubt other towns BOH members are lazy doing their jobs.


So you believe they should have been able to remain open without refrigeration for the weekend? That's gross. They should have shut themselves down instead of risking the health of all their patrons.

As far as having industry people on the BOH goes, I think that's great. Who is better qualified? You want some random person who has never been Servsafe to be making these decisions?


They're just doing their job. If these places were run professionally, in accordance to the health code, they would be open just like every other place in town that takes the time to keep their food service operation clean and safe.

Monique S

On a Friday. Nice. The BOH needs to be reigned in. Funny every place has issues except Barlow's Clam Shack. If it isn't hard enough to run a food business, and on the Cape. They are out of control, of it weren't so sad and tragic c, it would be laughable at their antics.

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