Paul Manganella

Paul Manganella

Cape Cod Healthcare will not charge Paul Manganella for hospital services he received after giving CPR to a man in May.

Mr. Manganella was told by paramedics that he needed to go to the emergency room after giving CPR to a man who had suffered a heart attack while driving on the Mid-Cape Highway last month. In giving the man CPR, Mr. Manganella wound up with the man’s blood and saliva on his face. Given the coronavirus pandemic and not knowing the man’s COVID-19 status, Mr. Manganella had to go get tested himself.

He had paid nearly $200 in co-pays at the time of the visit and last week received a bill totaling $1,009 for his testing, which amounted to being told to quarantine for two weeks and report back if he had any symptoms. He said that the visit was not coded properly and omitted the code used to indicate a COVID-19-related visit.

Under the federal CARES Act, medical services relating to COVID-19 are supposed to be covered.

Mr. Manganella, who is a Sandwich High School grad, said that he had spent hours going between his insurance company and Cape Cod Healthcare trying to get the issue resolved. He said that his health insurance was willing to cover the services, but only if the healthcare company would fix their billing code error.

On June 19, Mr. Manganella said that he received a call from the healthcare company apologizing for the error and saying that the remaining charges from the May emergency room visit would be dropped.

Christina Peaslee, executive director, marketing communications and content strategy for Cape Cod Healthcare, confirmed the resolution.

“Our team connected with the patient on Friday to resolve the matter,” she said.

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