Jet Ski Thief

This still image was taken from the police department's video footage that reportedly shows a pickup truck towing a stolen jet-ski in Buzzards Bay.

The theft of a jet-ski from a Buzzards Bay business has been caught on camera, as the thief chose to drive past the Bourne Police Department for his escape route. Surveillance cameras positioned outside the police station captured the vehicle as it sped away with the jet-ski in tow.

Bourne Police Sergeant John R. Stowe said the jet-ski was stolen from Bubba’s Motorsports on St. Margaret’s Street. The theft occurred Thursday, November 7, around 10 PM, but it was not discovered until 7 AM the following morning, Sgt. Stowe said.

Sgt. Stowe said that the business also had video of the Chevrolet Avalanche towing away the jet-ski and a trailer. After leaving the business, the culprit turned onto Main Street, but then turned onto Harrison Avenue and drove right by the police station.

“I don’t know why he decided to turn onto Harrison,” the sergeant said.

Tying the two videos was instrumental in determining what happened, Sgt. Stowe said.

“Video plays a big key in everything,” he said.

Massachusetts State Police assisted as well. Troopers determined that the suspect crossed over the Sagamore Bridge and headed down the Cape to Harwich. The jet-ski was eventually recovered by state police by Harwich officers in a vacant lot near the suspect’s house, Sgt. Stowe said.

The suspect has not been named yet, as the investigation into the theft moves forward. At the Bourne Police Facebook page, the department expressed its gratitude to the culprit for making the police's job easier by getting caught on camera.

“We hope you enjoyed our complimentary video service memorializing your travels,” the department’s post read.

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