Bridge On UCT Sign

A replica of the Bourne Bridge now tops the sign in front of Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School along Sandwich Road.

Superintendent Robert A. Dutch said the sign has been a work-in-progress for about a year since the old sign was damaged during the winter of 2018. The bridge topper—made of metal—is its most recent addition.

“We intentionally waited for fabrication [of the bridge] until all the other components were complete,” Dr. Dutch said.

With the addition of the bridge replica, the sign is now nearly finished, Dr. Dutch said. All the remains is to install lighting.

Even though the school often includes its students in projects around the school, there was limited student involvement in the sign’s construction. The sign is largely made out of stone, making it a masonry project. Since the school does not offer masonry as a shop, the students were not able to assist in building it.

Dr. Dutch said that the students did help with some of the electrical and landscaping work.

Planning for the project began last fall. While the previous sign was still functioning as an electronic message board, it had sustained heavy damage and was removed.

The masonry work on the sign started last September.

The sign also features an LED message board screen that displays different messages throughout the year, from congratulations to the school’s graduates to information about pending events and more.

When the new sign was designed, several purposes were kept in mind. First of all, it was designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Second, Dr. Dutch said that the base of the school’s driveway is a frequent accident site, so the sign was designed to withstand a potential vehicle impact. Lastly, the visual aspects of the sign were created with the “Cape Cod aesthetic” in mind.

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