Another example of the renaissance going on in downtown Buzzards Bay has emerged.

Mic’s Main Scoop restaurant, adjacent to the playground at Buzzards Bay Park, has opened and is offering a variety of tasty treats, from ice cream to milkshakes to sandwiches.

The restaurant is owned and operated by its namesake, Michaela Michienzi, 29, of Bourne. A graduate of Clemson University, Ms. Michienzi explained that she managed a sandwich shop while she was in college. That provided her with the training and experience to open her own business. Securing a location right by a park and playground, she said, sort of dictated what the business would be.

“I knew I wanted to do sandwiches originally, and that’s what we had originally applied for back years ago,” she said, “but when we found out we could have this location, I knew we had to have ice cream.”

The playground has been closed since a July 2018 accident involving a young girl and due to the onset of the pandemic. Town Administrator Anthony E. Schiavi said it will reopen as soon as a safety inspection is conducted. Reopening of the playground cannot come too soon, Ms. Michienzi said.

“The more kids, the better; that’s what it’s all about here,” she said.

Ms. Michienzi recalled that her first paying job was working at The Lobster Trap. She said that, to this day, she and many of the friends she grew up with will reminisce about “working at the Trap,” and she wants to provide young people in Bourne with the same kind of memories.

She said there are 28 employees at Mic’s Main Scoop, ranging from 15 years old up to college age. The shop sells ice cream, grilled and fried chicken sandwiches, and lobster rolls. The most popular item, she said, is the milkshakes.

“They’re flying,” she said. “Everyone’s so excited about them.”

Employees are encouraged to come up with a milkshake recipe of their own, she said. If one does, it will be named after the employee. Two examples of current offerings, she said, are Mary’s Mud Pie and Ashley’s Birthday Shake.

Mic’s Main Scoop is situated on the same site where the former Krua Thai Restaurant was located for years. In January 2020, the Thai eatery moved across the street into a new space. In May, the old Thai restaurant was demolished and construction started on the new building.

Michaela’s father, local developer Vincent P. Michienzi, owns the property. Mr. Michienzi praised the job done by his daughter in getting her business up and running. He was equally proud of the fact that everyone connected with the building’s construction was local to Bourne.

“This whole building was built by all Bourne contractors,” Mr. Michienzi said. “Every single piece of this was all Bourne, from the site work, to the concrete, to the painting, tile, roof, everything.”

Ms. Michienzi’s mother, Noreen P. Michienzi, said she is very proud of and excited for her daughter. The elder Ms. Michienzi said she has been working alongside her daughter and the young employees since the place opened for business.

“I enjoy it,” she said, “I love being with the kids; it’s just so much fun.”

She said the feedback from the community has been amazing. There were concerns, initially, that opening the shop in the midst of a pandemic might not be the best idea, she said. It turns out, however, that people “are anxious to get out of the house, so now is actually a good time to open,” she said.

Mic’s Main Scoop actually opened for business a couple of weeks ago but the official opening, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, was held last Friday, May 21. Dozens of well-wishers were on hand, including a number of town officials.

Newly elected Selectwoman Mary Jane Mastrangelo said the business is a “great addition to Bourne” and predicted that it will be really successful. Longtime Selectman Peter J. Meier described the old building, when it housed the Krua Thai, as an eyesore. Mic’s Main Scoop is a welcome replacement, he said.

“Now you have something that’s going to be a gem to the community,” he said, “that will be a focal point for the west end of Main Street.”

Cape Cod Canal Region Chamber of Commerce president and chief executive officer Marie J. Oliva said she believes Michaela MIchienzi will do a great job running the new business. Ms. Oliva also thanked Mr. Michienzi for efforts he has made toward economic development on Main Street.

“This building here is beautiful and is a staple in the community right by Buzzards Bay Park and the canal,” she said. “We appreciate their support for the community.”

Assistant Town Administrator Glenn D. Cannon said the new business is a perfect example of the axiom that “private money follows public money.” Mr. Cannon noted that the taxpayers of Bourne made a sizable investment with the restoration of Buzzards Bay Park. That investment, he said, is paying off with the development of Main Street, exemplified by Mic’s Main Scoop.

“I’ve been here, in this area, my entire life,” Mr. Cannon said. “Buzzards Bay looks as good now as it ever has. I’m really, really proud of what’s happened here.”

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