Bourne Department Of Public Works

George Sala is retiring from his position as the director of the Bourne Department Of Public Works.

Bourne Department of Public Works director George M. Sala has retired.

In a joint statement released on Tuesday, September 8, Mr. Sala and Town Administrator Anthony E. Schiavi said both sides have agreed “to provide for his [Mr. Sala’s] final months of employment before retirement from his position as Department of Public Works director.”

Mr. Schiavi added that, on behalf of himself and the Town of Bourne, “the Town Administrator would like to thank Mr. Sala for his dedicated service to the Town for 23 years.”

Mr. Sala’s last day will be December 7. Mr. Schiavi said during Mr. Sala’s remaining time as a town employee, “he will be reporting to me and assisting me with items I may require during the transition period.”

The Bourne DPW website lists Matthew Quinn as the department’s interim director of public works. Mr. Quinn had been the department’s operations manager.

Mr. Sala joined the DPW in 1998. He began as a truck driver and moved his way up the ranks within the department. Three years into his career, he was promoted to a crew chief.

He held that position for a couple of years before being promoted to assistant director of the department. In 2012, upon the retirement of former DPW head Rickie Tellier, Mr. Sala was promoted to director of the department.

In late August, it was announced Mr. Sala had been placed on paid administrative leave while an investigation was conducted into the DPW and his management of the department. Mr. Schiavi said he would have no further comment on Mr. Sala’s retirement other than what was contained in the joint statement.

The joint statement also quoted Mr. Sala as offering his “appreciation to the men and women of the Department of Public Works, the Town’s boards and committees and residents of the town, who he has been honored to serve.”

Mr. Sala’s retirement leaves a hole in a number of local and Cape-based boards and committees on which he served. He was chairman of the town’s recreation committee, and in that capacity he served as the committee’s representative to the Bourne Community Preservation Committee.

In Bourne, he also served on the bylaw committee, the transportation advisory committee, the private roads acceptance committee, the local emergency planning committee and the street and traffic lights committee. He was also a member of the public works facility building committee, which oversaw construction of the new DPW building on Ernest Valeri Road near Bournedale Elementary School.

Outside town, Mr. Sala served as one of the 15 representatives to the Cape Cod Joint Transportation Committee, which is an arm of the Cape Cod Commission. The committee is an advisory group that reviews, discusses and votes on transportation planning recommendations made to the Cape Cod Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Mr. Schiavi said appointments to those various boards, committees and groups are made by the Bourne Board of Selectmen. The board, he said, will need to address at a future meeting what to do about filling those appointments.

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