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Amy Kullar

Bourne Zoning Board of Appeals chairwoman Amy B. Kullar has resigned from the board.

In a letter dated September 25, Ms. Kullar tendered her resignation to selectmen chairwoman Judith M. Froman. Assistant Town Clerk Wendy J. Chapman confirmed the letter has been received, making the resignation official.

ZBA member Kathleen (Kat) Brennan also tendered her resignation from the zoning board.

In response, the board of selectmen, during its meeting on October 6, elevated the ZBA's two associate members, Christopher J. Pine and James Beyer, to full member status. The two associate member positions with the board remain unfilled.

Ms. Kullar stated in her letter that she was resigning "effective immediately." She explained she could no longer give the board the attention needed to be an effective participant due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am unable to devote the required amount of time to my responsibilities as chair of the board of appeals, as I am homeschooling my son in addition to working full-time at my law practice,” she said.

Ms. Kullar is an attorney with Patricia Mello & Associates in Mashpee, where she specializes in estate planning and elder law. A native of Norwell, she attended Wellesley College and earned her law degree at Suffolk University. Before starting at Suffolk University, Ms. Kullar was a paralegal at Maselan & Jones, PC, in Boston.

She was appointed to the board of appeals in 2015 as an associate member. The following year she was promoted to regular member of the board following the resignation of Lee M. Berger as chairman. Mr. Berger asked to be made an associate member, which paved the way for the selectmen to promote Ms. Kullar.

Ms. Kullar recommended that the board of selectmen consider elevating current ZBA associate member James E. Beyer to her position on the board of appeals. Ms. Kullar noted Mr. Beyer is a retired architect who has served on the zoning board for the past year. She said he comes to meetings prepared "and brings valuable insight to the complicated issues before us."

"I value his counsel and expertise on all of the projects that come before the board," she said.

Ms. Kullar added she has valued the time she has spent as a zoning board member serving the residents of Bourne, and looks forward to a time when she can do so again.

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