Bourne Town Meeting

Finance Committee chairwoman Mary Jane Mastrangelo explains the proposed $70 million budget approved during the 2020 Annual Town Meeting.

Bourne Finance Committee chairwoman Mary Jane Mastrangelo has set her sights on the Bourne Board of Selectmen. Ms. Mastrangelo has pulled nomination papers to run for one of the two seats available on the board in this spring’s Annual Town Election.

Nomination papers for this year’s town election became available in the Town Clerk’s office on Tuesday, February 16. Current Selectmen James L. Potter and Jared P. McDonald are up for reelection this year.

As of Thursday, February 18, Mr. Potter was the only other person to have pulled nomination papers to run for the board of selectmen.

In her notice announcing her candidacy, Ms. Mastrangelo noted that over the past 15 years she has volunteered for a number of different town boards and committees. In addition to serving as chairwoman of the Bourne Finance Committee, she has also chaired the Capital Outlay Committee and the Wastewater Facility Design and Building Committee.

“I am excited about the prospect of joining the board of selectmen to help develop the policies and strategies that will make Bourne the best it can be,” she said.

Ms. Mastrangelo cited “improving communications with Bourne citizens” and “engaging the residents and other taxpayers in discussions about our collective vision for Bourne” as primary interests in serving as a selectwoman. She said her work on the various boards and committees on which she has served shows her commitment to gathering data and giving consideration to different points of view “to make informed decisions.”

She pledged to continue to work collaboratively with other town boards and committees and to design a budget “that enables the town to provide the services the people of Bourne need at the lowest cost to taxpayers.”

“I will foster a spirit of respect and cooperation,” she said, “and look forward to working with all of the people in Bourne to make a great town even better!”

Bourne’s Annual Town Election is scheduled for Tuesday, May 18.

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