Cumberland Farms On MacArthur Boulevard

The site of the new Cumberland Farms on MacArthur Boulevard

Like the backlot set of an old Hollywood western movie or TV show set in a ghost town, the row of buildings stands at the top of the southbound side of MacArthur Boulevard. The only thing missing is tumbleweeds rolling across the abandoned storefronts.

Fenced off, the deserted structures rest, dilapidated and boarded up, awaiting the eventual arrival of bulldozers and front loaders to send the wood, concrete and brick crashing to the ground and clear the property for a new super-sized Cumberland Farms gas station/convenience store complex. But the overriding question is: when?

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There used to be a Texaco? on the opposite corner, since demolished, where a movie was made, "Where are the children?".


The best person to reach out to is former Planning Board member /chair Elmer Clegg....He was the lead man on the Bourne Planning Board who 'shepherded' the Cumberland Farms Complex all through the permitting process from beginning (2017?) to official permitting (2021????)....The minutes of those meetings are out there, also, such as they are....


Look at the land grab and the plans for this project. It does not belong at the Bourne Bridge. The Rotary is under stress now. Adding an oversized “Cumberland Farms” on this rotary adds to our problems.


What about the oversized Dunkin Donuts at the rotary?

Have you seen the plans for the Cumberland Farms?

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