A couple from Sagamore Beach was arraigned in Falmouth District Court on Wednesday, July 26, on charges of child endangerment. Police said the couple was negligent in their care of their children and put the youngsters’ lives at risk.

Christina Jay, 32, and Oscar Ramos-Torres, 28, pleaded innocent in Falmouth District Court. Court records show that on April 22 around 5 PM, a resident of a condominium complex on Village Green Road had found an baby girl, approximately 2 years old, wandering around outside wearing only pajama pants. The police report said that the outside temperature that day was 43 degrees “with a ‘Real Feel’ as reported by Accuweather of 34 degrees.”

The resident looked around for an adult who might be connected to the young girl, later identified as Harley. She only saw another youngster, a boy who was wearing clothes but no shoes or socks. The boy, later identified as Ethan Ramos, pointed to the door of the condo at #11B. The resident knocked at the door and eventually Mr. Ramos-Torres came downstairs to answer, court records show.

Mr. Ramos-Torres went back upstairs and was heard trying to wake up Ms. Jay. He eventually came back downstairs and took the children inside. The female resident went to Bourne police to report the incident. Police went to the residence to speak with the couple. Ms. Jay said that she had been watching television upstairs while Ethan was watching downstairs. She said that her son was able to open the rear sliding door on his own.

“[Ms.] Jay explained that Ethan must have left the rear sliding door open, and while [Ms.] Jay was playing a board game with Ethan, Harley went out of the rear sliding door,” police said.

When police asked about Ethan also being outside, Ms. Jay did not offer an explanation. Officers told her that a report would be filed with the state Department of Children and Families.

A similar incident occurred around 10:30 AM on Saturday, May 27. Officers were called to the same condo complex when a couple called and reported that Harley was found wandering around outside in a T-shirt and diaper. Officers noticed that the garage door and the rear sliding door to Ms. Jay’s home were open. They went inside and found Ms. Jay asleep.

Officers asked how Harley wound up outside and Ms. Jay said that the little girl was supposed to be with her father, Mr. Ramos-Torres. Ms. Jay was again notified that a report would be filed with the state Department of Children and Families.

Mr. Ramos-Torres faces child endangerment charges for the incident in April, while Ms. Jay faces the same charges for both the April and May incidents.

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