Vinny demacedo

State Senator Vinny deMacedo

State Senator Viriato (Vinny) deMacedo (R-Plymouth) announced Wednesday, October 16, that he will leave his seat in coming weeks to take a position at Bridgewater State University.

Sen. deMacedo, 54, has represented the Plymouth and Barnstable District, which includes the towns of Falmouth, Bourne and Sandwich, since 2015. He also served eight terms in the state House of Representatives.

“I’ve really focused on being a collaborator,” Sen. deMacedo said of his time in the state legislature.

A spokesman for the senator said that the state likely would schedule a special election in the next three months or so to fill the remainder of the Sen. deMacedo’s term, which will run through the end of 2021.

“Economic development and business development has been one of my big focuses” as a legislator, Sen. deMacedo said.

Because of his focus in these areas, the state senator said he believes he is “uniquely qualified” for the Director of Regional Partnerships job he accepted at BSU, where he will work with nine chambers of commerce to help students find paid internships.

“I believe I’m really going to be able to help students find these paid internships,” he said, noting that a lot of young people are already working jobs to afford college and “don’t have time to take these unpaid internships.”

Sen. deMacedo described “a lot of nights and a lot of weekends” as part of the “challenges” of being a state senator, though he said he has loved the job.

“At some point you have to do what’s right for the family,” he said.

“They have been gracious, my family, understanding that I enjoy this,” the state senator said.

“When I got into politics my son was just born,” he said, noting that his children are now grown and his son is graduating from college this year.

The state senator and his wife, Jennifer, live in Plymouth. They have three children and two grandchildren.

Sen. deMacedo will earn $99,000 annually at BSU, according to a press release from his offices. As of September 28, he had been paid $92,530 so far this year as a state senator in Massachusetts, according to the state comptroller’s website.

The state senator said he expects that the opening for his seat will generate “a lot of interest.”

To his successor he offered the advice, “work with the things you agree on before you fight about the things you disagree on.”

“The political world has become very polarized, very caustic,” he said. “The political world takes people working together.”

Born in Brava, Cape Verde, Mr. deMacedo came to the United States with his parents when he was six months old. Since 1991, he has owned and operated the RWA Mobil gas station in Cedarville.

It’s unclear who may pursue the open state Senate seat. No comment was available Wednesday from state Representative David Vieira (R-Falmouth), whose House district overlaps Mr. deMacedo’s Senate district.

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