Bourne Senior Spotlight

Alicen Marchi

During her time at Bourne High School, Alicen Marchi has been a member of the Dance and Cheer Team, the Drama Club and the competitive Drama Festival Club.

She has also auditioned for the Southeast and All Cape music festivals.

After graduation, Alicen said she plans to expand her knowledge of as many subjects as she can at college. She said she will focus on forensics and criminal justice, since that is what she hopes to do in the future.

“I also hope to go to Salem State, as that is where I have been wanting to go since freshman year,” she said. “Just getting accepted was an amazing thing for me.”

Alicen said her favorite memories were made in chorus, since singing is one of her biggest passions. She said she wishes she had taken it earlier in her school career.

“My favorite memory is when I auditioned for the South East and All Cape music festivals, not thinking I would actually make it,” she said. “But when I found out I made it into both, I was ecstatic.”

She said chorus has boosted her confidence, not only in class but also in her everyday life.

Alicen thanked her mom, Lynda Marchi, for all of her love and support.

“She put up with driving me to school every morning even when she had a hard night at work on some occasions,” she said. “Even with the business of everyday responsibilities as a mother of three, she still always found time to be there when I needed her.”

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