Sturgis Senior Spotlight

Jaxon Prophett

As a student at Sturgis East Charter School, Bourne resident Jaxon (J.T.) Prophett has been a member of the golf, baseball and track teams.

He has also been a member of the Math Club.

After graduation, J.T. plans to attend Arizona State University. He will be studying software engineering.

J.T. said his fondest memory in high school was when he qualified for the individual state golf tournament as a sophomore.

He thanked his parents, grandparents, siblings, bosses and co-workers, counselors, coaches and teachers for their support over the years.

“A special thanks to my Gram and Pa for all the great Sunday dinners and always supporting me,” he said. “A huge thanks to my Mom (Cathleen) for always teaching me how to be a good person and expecting that. Thanks to my Dad (Robert) for making sure I succeeded in any sport I wanted to try.”

J.T. thanked his older brother, Dawson, for keeping him and his sisters in line and letting him win at golf; his older sister, Bella, for the special trips to Cumby’s and always having something funny to say; and his younger sister, Ellin, for the fun drives to school and keeping the music coming.

He said Jeff Halunen is the best boss anyone could ask for and said his co-worker Joe Casey always kept work light.“Just another special shout-out to my mom and dad for always being proud of me, no matter what,” he said. “I would also like to thank all my teachers, counselors and coaches throughout the years that also made this possible.”

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