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An 18-year-old man has been charged with theft of this front-end loader from the parking lot of a Market Basket store in Plymouth.

A teenager has been charged with theft of a motor vehicle after police say he was found driving a front-end loader along the Scenic Highway.

Police said the young man, who they said is homeless, admitted to taking the vehicle so he could get to Dennisport.

Brytan L. Bennett, 18, was arrested around 3:30 AM Tuesday, March 10. Police said that Mr. Bennett was stopped on the highway while driving a front-end loader with a plow attached to the front. He was charged with receiving a stolen motor vehicle and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

Bourne police reported receiving a phone call from a resident on Head of the Bay Road at 3:19 Tuesday morning. The caller said that Mr. Bennett had arrived at his home in the loader. The resident told Patrolman Ryan J. Duran that Mr. Bennett was a former foster child whom he had not seen in eight years, police reported.

Patrolman Duran’s report stated that the homeowner and his wife “observed Bennett standing on the back porch at the door. They did not open the door, and they advised him to leave. Bennett left without incident and drove away.”

Patrolman Steven P. LaCerda, Jr. saw Mr. Bennett driving the vehicle on Scenic Highway, headed toward the mid-Cape Highway. The vehicle was stopped, and Mr. Bennett was identified by his Massachusetts identification card, police said.

Mr. Bennett admitted to not having a Massachusetts driver’s license. He said he had a Florida driver’s license, but not with him. A check with the Registry of Motor Vehicles found no indication that Mr. Bennett had a Florida license, police said.

When asked why he was driving the vehicle, Mr. Bennett said he started working for a construction company two days prior, and he was transporting the loader to Dennis. Police said he could not tell them the address of the company where he picked up the front-end loader, nor the address of where he was taking it.

Police said that officers determined the vehicle belonged to R.P. Marzilli, a leasing company out of Medway. When they contacted the company’s owner, Robert Marzilli, he denied that Mr. Bennett worked for him, or that the teen had permission to take the vehicle, police said.

Mr. Bennett was arrested and during booking admitted that he did not have permission to take the vehicle. He had taken it, police said, after he found the keys in the ignition, so he could get to Dennis. A representative from R.P. Marzilli took possession of the vehicle from Bourne police, and said it had been stolen from a Market Basket in Plymouth.

Bail for Mr. Bennett was set at $1,000 and went unpaid, police said. He was arraigned in Falmouth District Court Tuesday morning. Court records show that he was released on personal recognizance.

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