Lobster Trap Restaurant

The Lobster Trap Restaurant in Bourne has reopened.

A month of renovations has given The Lobster Trap an updated but still classic look.

The restaurant was closed for 28 days for renovations, which has brought to life the vision its owners have had for about a decade.

Owner David DeLancey said that vision has come from having worked in restaurants most of his life.

He said The Lobster Trap was never designed to be a restaurant, having started as a fish market. Over the years it evolved to add a fish and chip and wholesale market.

“The flow was never the way it should be,” he said.

The building had two entrances: one for the fish market and one for the restaurant. Mr. DeLancey said if he had a dollar for every time someone used the wrong door, he would be sipping cocktails on a beach somewhere.

“It made sense to have one open floor plan,” he said.

Now, people can use the same entrance to pick up takeout and a fresh piece of fish or a lobster.

Additionally, the bathrooms have been updated and new windows installed.

Mr. DeLancey said the previous bathrooms had two single stalls and 28-inch doors. Often a line would form for the bathroom because there were not enough stalls and people who use wheelchairs were not able to access the facilities easily.

Mr. DeLancey said wheelchair-bound customers would have to use the employee restroom because their wheelchairs would not fit through the door up front.

The bathrooms are now bigger, more accessible and more attractive.

The fish market area had never been updated in the 40 years it has been open, Mr. DeLancey said. The update means that the entire building is structurally sound and tightened up.

Monday, March 29, marked the reopening of the restaurant. So far, the reviews of the update have been positive, Mr. DeLancey said.

One of the managers had been working at the host stand the night of the reopening, he said, and she told him she loved seeing the reactions as people walked in the door.

“It’s got a good feel,” Mr. DeLancey said. “We wanted to give it 21st century functionality while keeping the classic charm that people love.”

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Our entire family LOVES the Lobster Trap. I remember way back when Paul Shave ran it. Before he started Possum Point Biological Station in Belize. And I knew the original owner too. Making me hungry right now and its only breakfast time.

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