The Bourne Board of Selectmen unanimously has chosen Community Paradigm Associates, Inc., out of Plymouth to consult with the town on selection of a new town administrator.

The board made its decision July 11.

Two firms responded to the town’s Request for Qualifications to assist the town in the selection process. The other firm was Municipal Resources, Inc., out of New Hampshire. Both firms were interviewed by the board Wednesday, July 10.

Selectman George G. Slade spoke in favor of Municipal Resources. Mr. Slade said he felt that the New Hampshire firm gave the better presentation, but by a narrow margin. He said that it was “splitting hairs” choosing one firm over the other, and that the board “couldn’t go wrong either way.” He ultimately voted with the board in favor of Community Paradigm.

Selectman Jared P. MacDonald said he felt that the Municipal Resources representatives contradicted aspects in their written proposal with some of their verbal comments. Selectman Peter J. Meier said he was comfortable working with Community Paradigm, having already teamed with them on the hiring of finance director Erica M. Flemming.

The board was also put off by Municipal Resource’s president and chief operating officer, Alan S. Gould, for failing to appear for the session, while Community Paradigm founder, Bernard F. Lynch, gave his company’s presentation.

The search is being undertaken to replace current town administrator Thomas M. Guerino. Recently, he and the board of selectmen came to an agreement to end his employment with the town. Mr. Guerino has expressed a desire to seek employment closer to his family in Vermont.

Mr. Guerino has been in the position for the past 15 years. His contract was to have ended on June 30. However, he and the selectmen have agreed on a temporary extension of his contract to September 30 while the search for his replacement is held.

The expectation is that Community Paradigm will present a list of candidates for the selectmen’s consideration by mid-September. The selectmen expect to select a new town administrator by the end of September.

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