Krua Thai Shut Down

The Krua Thai Restaurant on Main Street in Buzzards Bay shut down voluntarily August 5 after a town inspection discovered several violations. The restaurant got the town's approval to reopen August 8 and began serving customers again the next day.

Back in business.

The Krua Thai Restaurant at 100 Main Street in Buzzards Bay has been approved to reopen.

After a re-inspection on August 8, Bourne Health Inspector Carly Coty said, the restaurant was approved to serve customers again. A restaurant employee reopened the Krua Thai the following day.

“All issues were cleared up,” Ms. Coty said.

The restaurant voluntarily shut down on August 5 after an inspection revealed a number of food and fire code violations. Some of the health department issues included flies in the kitchen, a lack of proper refrigeration, and improper labeling and storage of food products.

The Bourne Fire Department called for the restaurant to be shut down because of heavy grease that had collected on appliances. Assistant Fire Chief David S. Cody said Fire Chief Norman P. Sylvester accompanied Ms. Coty on last week’s re-inspection.

“All the violations identified by the fire department have been corrected,” Asst. Chief Cody said.

Ms. Coty said the health department is currently reviewing the Krua Thai’s plans for its anticipated move across Main Street to one of the units in the 85-93 block of stores. In a letter to restaurant owner Chankait Suksanit, Ms. Coty explained that a hearing before the board of health is required “for the issuance of food permits.”

Pre-operational inspections must also be performed and passed prior to occupancy of the new space, she said.

“The board of health may impose conditions or additional safeguards to protect public health as part of their approval,” she said.

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