Three people were rescued after their jet ski overturned in Little Bay on Sunday, July 12.

The Bourne Department of Natural Resources harbor patrol rescued the victims at around 2:15 PM. The DNR patrol was in the area of Monks Park when three people were spotted clinging to the overturned jet ski and a moored vessel, according to a DNR press release.

All three persons were wearing life jackets and waving their arms at the harbor patrol for assistance, the release said. Assistant harbormasters Chris Czepiel and Kris Young immediately approached the victims and began removing them from the water. All three were taken aboard the harbor patrol vessel and brought back to the Monument Beach Marina.

“The fact that all victims were wearing life jackets at the time the [jet ski] capsized was critical in their safe return home,” the release stated. “Wind and sea conditions made swimming to safety difficult at the time of the rescue.”

The Bourne Fire/Rescue Department and Bourne Police Department also responded to the scene. Firefighters evaluated the victims at the marina and released them in good health. The jet ski was removed from the water by its owner shortly thereafter.

The DNR release reminded boaters to wear life jackets and carry necessary safety equipment aboard at all times. By law, operators and passengers aboard personal watercraft, such as jet skis, are required to wear life jackets at all times.

Carrying a VHF radio and making a distress call to the Coast Guard is the best way to get help in an emergency on the water, the DNR release said.

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