Bourne police said they had to put up a fight to arrest a man found passed out on the side of Coach Road near Brookside Village.

The incident happened just before 10 PM on Monday, September 16. Police said that officers were dispatched to the area on reports of a man lying on the ground passed out. When officers arrived at the intersection of Coach Road and Waterhouse Road, they found Ryan M. Conway, 37, from Bourne, passed out. Officers tried to waken him audibly several times, but finally had to administer a “sternum rub” to rouse him.

Bourne Police Lieutenant Brandon M. Esip said that after waking up, Mr. Conway kept repeating his name over and over. When officers asked him if there was a family member who could come pick him up, Mr. Conway became extremely belligerent, Lt. Esip said.

“He yelled that he had done nothing wrong,” the lieutenant said. “He caused such a commotion that people in the area were bothered.”

The officers attempted to take Mr. Conway into custody and he continued to be belligerent, police said. At one point, he used profanity and asked, “Why do you have your f----g hands on me?” Lt. Esip said.

When he was told that he was being arrested for being disorderly, Mr. Conway attempted to pull away from the officers. He tightened his hands into fists, continued to swear and thrashed about, the lieutenant said.

Eventually he was controlled enough to arrest and take to the police station, where he continued his belligerent behavior. Lt. Esip said Mr. Conway took an hour before he calmed down enough for booking.

Mr. Conway was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Bail was set at $250 and went unpaid. Lt. Esip said that Mr. Conway was held overnight and taken to Falmouth District Court in the morning for arraignment.

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