Bourne Scenic Campground New Cabins

Front, from left: Diane Woodside, Bourne Recreation Authority administrative coordinator; Nolan LeRoy, Upper Cape Tech instructor; Wilbur Lavoie, UCT instructor; students Jett Maurice, Keeley Thornell, Marcus Wellington, Valendena Fernandes, Rushaun Campbell, Jeffrey Ouelette, Adrien Robbins and Brady Oaks; UCT Superintendent Roger Forget; and Simone Hofmann, Bourne Scenic Park office supervisor. Rear: John Morill, recreation authority operations manager/facility supervisor; Mike Childers, park maintenance head; Liam Center, park maintenance employee; Bob Corradi, recreation authority facilities and construction project coordinator; and Louis Cremonini, maintenance supervisor.

Visitors to the Bourne Scenic Campground will be able to stay in three newly constructed cabins this summer, thanks to the work of junior and senior carpentry students at Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School.

Each cabin is able to sleep six people between two bedrooms. The cabins also have a bathroom and a common area with kitchen counter space. Outside the cabins, campers will have access to a fire pit and a gas grill for cooking.

“This was a great learning experience for the kids,” Upper Cape Tech Superintendent Roger Forget said. “What a great way to give back to the community.”

Throughout the year, the students have spent their carpentry shop weeks onsite under the instruction and guidance of teachers Kevin McFadyen and Wilbur Lavoie. The cabins they built are the first of 10 that will be available to campers.

Bourne Recreation Authority operations manager John Morill said all of the cabins have already sold out for the summer.

Bourne Scenic Campground New Cabins

Bourne Recreation Authority chairman Greg Folino thanks the students for their work and praises their ability to stick to COVID rules and remain virus-free throughout the build.

The students’ accomplishment was celebrated on Wednesday, June 9, at the campground, where the students were invited to a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Mr. Lavoie and his class of juniors arrived onsite to cut a blue ribbon in front of one of the cabins, named The Cod Fish Lodge.

A banner with the phrase “Building for the Future Together” was draped across the front deck of the cabin.

The recreation authority’s facilities and construction project coordinator, Bob Corradi, said the phrase has two meanings—the students are building for their own futures in their fields, and they are also building for the future of the campground.

Valendena Fernandes, a student from Wareham, had the honor of cutting the ribbon.

She said the experience of building the cabins was sometimes stressful, but it was also a lot of fun. As a young woman looking to work in the carpentry industry, she said, it has been an empowering experience.

Bourne Scenic Campground New Cabins

One of the two bedrooms in a cabin

Her classmate, Marcus Wellington of Buzzards Bay, said it has been great to be outside during the year and to get the hands-on education.

“It’s fun to know that someone will be staying here,” Keeley Thornell of Wareham said.

She said that working on the cabins as a class was a bonding experience, especially since the students did not know each other well before the assignment; working on a project like this meant that they were depending on each other.

Valendena compared the class to being like ants on an ant farm, where everyone had a job to do and they had to work as a team to get that job done.

Jett Marice of Wareham said the first cabin was the most difficult to get done because the students were just getting their bearings. However, by the third they had a really good idea of what they were doing.

Bourne Scenic Campground New Cabins

The main living space

“By the third cabin we were getting it done in half the time,” he said.

They all said they are grateful for the opportunity to have the hands-on education this year, as it is difficult to impossible to get a good technical education remotely.

All of them are looking forward to careers in some aspect of construction. Valendena and Marcus want to go into business together building treehouses, Keeley is interested in the architectural side of construction, and Jett wants to build tiny homes.

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