Cursing a Bourne police officer following a speeding stop resulted in a drug arrest.

Police arrested Vincent Mollica, 23, from Acushnet, and Gordon L. Fitzgerald, 22, from Plymouth. Both men were charged with drug possession and drug trafficking, police said.

The arrest happened on Bournedale Road shortly after 11:30 AM on Tuesday. Police said that an officer was monitoring traffic while a disabled motor vehicle was being towed. A gray 2016 Hyundai Elantra came around a bend in the road, going 35 in a 25-miles-per-hour zone, police said. The officer ordered the car to stop.

The driver was identified as Vincent Mollica, and the officer detected a strong aroma of fresh marijuana coming from inside the car. The officer also noticed paraphernalia associated with marijuana use, including plastic baggies and cigars. Mr. Mollica told the officer that he had not smoked any marijuana and there was none in the car. He also did not show any signs of marijuana impairment, police said.

The officer told Mr. Mollica that he would be mailed a citation for speeding. As Mr. Mollica began to drive off, he called out to the officer “Thanks, a*****e!” police said. At the same time, the officer observed more drug paraphernalia in the rear seat of the car, including a gallon-size plastic bag containing a green leafy substance.

Unable to stop the car, the officer called ahead to another officer who stopped the Hyundai near the intersection of Bournedale Road and Dry Cedar Swamp Road. The officer ordered Mr. Mollica out of the car.

“When asked about the marijuana Mollica stated that he ‘smokes a lot of weed’ and it was all for him,” police reported.

Mr. Mollica went on to say he had so much because he is a fisherman who moves around a lot and he “didn’t want to come up short.” The plastic baggies, he said, were so he could “bag it up,” he said.

When questioned by the officer, Mr. Fitzgerald said that the car and everything in it, including the marijuana, belonged to Mr. Mollica. Mr. Fitzgerald asked if the two had been stopped because Mr. Mollica had cursed the first officer. He was told the second stop was due to the marijuana and distribution materials in plain sight inside the car.

In addition to the packaged marijuana, police found several smart phones, a large quantity of cash, backpacks containing cocaine and more packaging materials, a weigh scale, and a laptop computer. The total amount of cash came to $17,033.50, including $11,881.50 in one backpack, police said.

Both men were charged with possession of a Class B drug, trafficking in cocaine, and possession to distribute a Class D drug, police said. Bail for Mr. Mollica was set at $2,500, and $250 for Mr. Fitzgerald. Bail was paid for each, court records showed. Both men have a probable cause hearing scheduled for Monday, July 29.

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