A woman from Sandwich faces a rare arrest charge—having too much tint on her car’s windshield.

Police said the arrest happened just after 8 PM last Friday, August 16. An officer monitoring traffic on Scenic Highway arrested Ellora D. Trottier, 23. The officer conducted a random check with the state Registry of Motor Vehicles of Ms. Trottier’s gray 2002 Mercedes-Benz. The check indicated that Ms. Trottier’s driver’s license was under suspension, police said.

Bourne Police Lieutenant Jonathan R. MacDougall said that Ms. Trottier was headed in the direction of Sagamore Beach when she was stopped. After pulling the car over, the officer also suspected that there was an excessive amount of tint on the windshield, Lt. MacDougall said.

The lieutenant said that under state law, window tinting can block up to 35 percent of the light coming through the windshield. The officer checked with a metering device and determined that the amount of light coming through the windshield was only 20 percent, Lt. MacDougall said.

The excess tinting is typically applied after a car has been sold, Lt. MacDougall said. He said the reason car owners add tint varies.

“My own suspicion as to why they do it is that it looks cool, or just to block more of the sun,” he said.

The lieutenant said that the percentage of tint that is allowed is different from state to state. He noted that while Massachusetts allows for 35 percent, “in Florida you can tint as much as you want.” He also said that arresting someone for too much tint of their windshield is a rarity.

“It’s not an offense you see every day,” he said.

Ms. Trottier was arrested and charged with operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license and with window obstructed/nontransparent.

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