A young girl was airlifted to a Boston hospital after being seriously injured as the result of an accident involving the family’s pickup truck. The teenager was run over while in the driveway at her home.

The accident happened on Monday, June 8, around 1:30 PM at a home located at 75 Monument Neck Drive. Bourne police and fire personnel responded to the scene and found the 15-year-old girl lying in the driveway after she was run over by a red 2001 Chevrolet Silverado.

Police identified the driver of the truck as Michelle A. Pozza, 50, the girl’s mother.

Sources in the police department said Ms. Pozza’s daughter had been lying on a chair in the driveway, sunbathing. The driveway, police said, had a 90-degree turn to it with a blind spot. Ms. Pozza was backing out of the driveway and did not see her daughter lying on the chair, police said.

“An extremely unfortunate tragic accident that occurred at the residence,” Bourne Police Chief Dennis R. Woodside said.

Chief Woodside said first aid was rendered to the victim at the scene by Bourne police and firefighters. The girl was taken to a nearby field where she was loaded onto a medical helicopter and flown to Tufts Medical Center in Boston for treatment of her injuries.

Chief Woodside said the police department conducted a thorough investigation of the incident and no charges would be forthcoming.

“A full investigation was done, and clearly there was no criminal intent here,” he said.

Neither the chief nor Bourne Fire and Rescue Department would divulge the extent of the girl’s injuries.

Attempts to contact the Pozza family for an update on the daughter’s condition were unsuccessful.

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