Dan Nguyen

Dan Nguyen of Pocasset, who had moved to Cape Cod Senior Residences in 2018, died February 5. She was 83.

She was born in the small village of Thanh Ra in North Vietnam from which her family fled to South Vietnam in 1954 at the end of the Indochina War. It was there she met Tiep Nguyen, who had also been displaced by the war.

They married in 1955 and their family grew by 11—seven girls and four boys, although one daughter died when she was 3. The family lived happily in a small village in the southernmost part of Vietnam for many years until the communist party took over the South in 1975. The economic and political situation at that time was unstable so the couple decided to leave Vietnam in the hope that their children would have a chance at a brighter future.

After extensive planning, they made the dangerous attempt to escape Vietnam in December 1979. Ms. Nguyen made it to a refugee camp in Thailand with seven of her children and her eldest daughter’s family. Unfortunately, her husband and two young daughters got separated and were not able to make it out of South Vietnam.

Through the efforts of two churches in Montpelier, Vermont, and their sponsorship opportunity for a family of refugees, Ms. Nguyen and her family were able to settle in Vermont.

Ms. Nguyen worked at National Life and at Sheraton Hotel for 16 years. During her retirement, she did a lot of volunteering through her church and traveled extensively.

In 2018, she had a chance to relocate to Cape Cod Senior Residences where she became a part of that community and remained for her final years.

No services were announced.

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