Lucia Victoria Fulco, 74, of Cataumet, a former Bourne town clerk and treasurer and a former contributor to The Bourne Enterprise, died at home on October 6.

She was the widow of Vincent Michael Bradley, who died in 2016.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, she was the daughter of the late Joseph and Helen (Cioffi) Fulco and sister of the late Victoria Fulco.

She grew up speaking only Italian and learned English upon entering elementary school. A graduate of Franklin K. Lane High School in Queens, she went on to attend Queens College and then earn her master’s degree in biology from Brandeis University.

Ms. Fulco started her professional life as a science teacher at Brookline High School. During this time, she met and married Michael Bradley. They moved to Vermont where they published The Bradley Report, a New England-based restaurateurs guide. She eventually moved to Cape Cod, where she worked as the town clerk and treasurer for the Town of Bourne, and then the assistant town clerk for the Town of Barnstable.

She was very involved in her community, being a member of the Bourne Democratic Town Committee and a founding member of the Bourne Charter Committee.

Selectman Peter J. Meier remembered Ms. Fulco as being “very progressive and a very knowledgeable town clerk.”

“She was great at her job,” he said.

Mr. Meier also noted that Ms. Fulco was very loyal to the Democratic town committee when he was chairman. He said that she was instrumental in his 2013 campaign for election to the board of selectmen, and he could always count on her and Mr. Bradley “for anything I ever needed.”

“She was a loyal friend to me and the town,” he said.

Former Bourne Planning Board member Donald E. Duberger said that he and Ms. Fulco shares a number of similar interests, particularly a fondness for history. Mr. Duberger said he appreciated Ms. Fulco for what he called her “pioneering spirit,” and recalled that she was not someone who would “go along to get along.”

“I admired that,” he said. “She would speak out on a topic and hold her ground.”

Mr. Duberger said the two did not always see eye to eye on issues, but he liked Ms. Fulco’s “stick-to-it-tiveness.”

“There were many times I had disagreements with people,” he said, “but the ones I remember best were the ones when we could agree to disagree. She always maintained her cool. I always had a lot of respect for her.”

Bourne Board of Health member Galon L. (Skip) Barlow remembered Ms. Fulco as “a ball of fire” and “a real go-getter.” He recalled that both she and her husband were very active in town politics, and she was one of those people “who always asked the hard questions.”

“Of me, too,” he said. “If she thought you were doing something wrong, she would call you on it.”

She enjoyed gardening, was an excellent chef, taught herself how to code and write computer programs, including a program that interconnected the vital records of all 295 Massachusetts towns.

She leaves her children, Joseph Bradley and Kate Bradley Fulco; and her sister Julia Fulco.

Her visitation will be held on Friday, October 11, from 4 to 7 PM at Nickerson-Bourne Funeral Home, 40 MacArthur Boulevard, Bourne.

Interment will be at 11 AM on Saturday, October 19, at Cataumet Cemetery.

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