In the past nine months we’ve heard several people say something like this: “Since the pandemic began, my sense of time, or the order of events, has changed. Weeks passed, and it seemed like days, and vice versa. Months melded into one another. It’s hard to keep track of when we are.”

As newspaper editors and reporters, we’ve often felt similarly given the time-distorting effects of COVID-caused anxieties and stresses on our temporal lobes.

When returning to stories that we ran in January or February only a few months later in June or July, we briefly forgot that the events they described ever happened, or we imagined that they happened much longer ago than they actually did.

We’ve been living in a sort of collective time warp—and, unfortunately, given the still-rising number of virus cases, we have not yet returned to what we used to call “normal.”

To help restore some semblance of a common chronology and to take stock of where we have been over the past 12 months, we’ve included a “2020 year in review” feature in this edition of the Enterprise.

We’ve selected and summarized many of the major news stories or news threads of 2020 in . There were certainly other stories we might have included, but we wanted to focus on 2020 stories that continue to affect our lives in 2021 and/or that go toward defining who we are as a community.

Here’s to wishing that the time warp will end in 2021!

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