Forgetting for the moment that this bill (approved by the US Congress) was mostly to help our citizens cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and their loss of jobs or a major part of their income, let’s just take a look at where some of those funds went to. Most of our politicians should be ashamed of themselves to permit portions going to issues that have absolutely nothing to do with our unemployed and small business shutdowns. Plus, I have to say that even House Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi basically inferred that the Democrats didn’t agree to any deal before the election because that might have helped Trump.

We all know that some funds are ridiculously spent, but wasn’t this bill basically for the COVID issue? Below are where some of those funds were given as stated on “Watters World” on the Fox network slightly over a week ago. “M” is for millions, and “B” is for billions: $10M to Pakistan for gender studies, $700M to the Sudan for...?, $500M to Central America to fight corruption, $300M to Caribbean countries, $500M to Jordan to build a wall between them and Syria. And our Democrats don’t want to fund our wall between Mexico? $86M to Cambodia, $1.3B to Egypt for weapons.

And then we have some smaller dollars for some idiotic reasons such as a $1.3M study of Americans to eat bugs, $2M to see if hot tubs reduce stress, $1M to help reduce dental fears, $150,000 for Kenyan art classes, $37M to get Filipinos to stop playing hooky from school, $3M for Russians to attend community colleges, $1.5M to walk lizards on a treadmill, $715M for Syrian training equipment, $6M for Washington, DC, bicycle parking and, last but not least, $4.5M for spraying alcoholic rats with bobcat urine.

We should ask our politicians why is our money, at least at first blush, going down the toilet except maybe, just maybe, someone has donated money to that politician’s reelection fund? Just asking?

And who knows, maybe Congress just might approve some form of the $2,000 package for individuals who have lost their jobs.

Daryl K. Smith

Sycamore Avenue

Sagamore Beach

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Way overdue for term limits. The citizens are last in line after the vote is over.

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