The recent controversy on the purchase by Massachusetts Maritime Academy of prime commercial land for parking, as detailed in the September 27 edition of the Bourne Enterprise, is of concern.

As Main Street and Taylor’s Point are in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood zone, any major construction requires elevation of the first floor so the surface level is used for parking.

So the new MMA dormitory construction should have at least one level of parking and could include a multilevel parking garage with dorm rooms above to limit the needs for more land for parking.

The current evolution of electric (EV- or hydrogen-powered) vehicles means that a parking garage could be lightly enclosed, as there would no noxious exhaust fumes. The rooftop would be used for solar panels: all this in-tune to deal with climate changes.

FEMA is facing the potential for excessive budgetary demands for coastal plain losses due to severe weather damages and is in need of solutions to this dilemma.

I believe that Buzzards Bay can offer an opportunity to demonstrate a solution. A small section along Main Street could be the site of a future architectural demonstration, using the ground surface under the building for parking (or multi-layer garage), with a portion for EV vehicles.

A single structure, say 600 feet long and 60 feet wide, could have parking access from both sides along the length, and a portion (or all eventually) could be enclosed for EV vehicles.

Shops and commercial space would be above the garage level. Pedestrian access would be by stairs, elevators and/or escalators. The available parking spaces would be monitored electronically so drivers could easily locate a suitable parking spot.

FEMA might welcome and support this new type of construction along Main Street.

Philip T. Levine

Harbor Hill Drive


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