The title of the thinly camouflaged hit piece (“Eliminate Single-Family Housing”) on the alleged conspiracy by the white power structure to ensure discriminatory housing practices assumes that being white gets you a single-family house and being black makes you an apartment dweller: a blatant and racist assumption that black people cannot possibly afford the American dream of home ownership based on earning capacity. What a crock.

This garbage is indicative of the drive-by media as the disinformation arm of the Democrat/Neo-Marxist Party.

The piece could have as easily been titled, “Eliminate Second-Home Ownership,” with forcing rentals of a summer home for the benefit of those who profess a lack of affordable housing, Sweden being in that socialist box already.

It has always been called communist ideology where the government (the state) makes the final determination of private property use and ownership.

The exploitation of “envy” and the “theory of enoughness” has become an art form for justification of forced redistribution of private property ownership and wealth confiscation by taxation by the Neo-Marxists of the culture. The 20 or so Neo-Marxists running for President are quite open about taxing wealth into virtual oblivion and the destruction of capitalism along with the constitutional Republic of the United States.

What this piece is really saying is that we will eliminate the American dream and force you into an apartment. The exceptions, of course, will always be government hacks and elitists, plus movie actors and actresses.

Don C. Hayward

County Road

Monument Beach

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