Nothing says “Welcome to Cape Cod” like a 38-foot, 6-inch monstrosity of a building as proposed by Cumberland Farms at the Bourne rotary. Congratulations to Bourne Zoning Board member Harold Kalick for being the sole member to vote against the extension/proposal. Thirty-five feet as currently allowed under Bourne zoning regulations is more than sufficient. Why does the business need to go to 38 feet, 6 inches tall? When you cross the bridge today the current buildings cannot be missed, and they are certainly well below 35 feet. Mr. Kalick stated this area is the gateway to the Cape, and I could not agree more. Why would the zoning board feel compelled to allow a building so high and to include 20 gasoline pumps? Are we trying replicate a rest area one might see on the Mass Pike or Route 24? Decisions like this only play into the stereotype that Bourne is only a pass through to the other 14 Cape Cod communities. Bourne appointed/elected officials need to make decisions that emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of our town. Architecture and signage play a critical role in this message. Lower-height buildings and minimalist signage should be the objective on a go-forward basis. A community can be business-friendly and yet have standards. Cumberland Farms built a new store in Chatham a few years ago that screams Cape Cod. Let us strive for this versus a 38-foot, 6-inch tall building.

Frank Devlin

Cedar Point Drive


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