What is being played out and filmed on the streets of New York City with the harassment of the thin blue line (the police) is the result of the not-so-subtle attack on the rule of law.

Mayors and city councilors across the United States have decided that illegal aliens are not illegal aliens and are aiding and abetting the occupation/invasion of the nation. The consequences of this outrageous behavior based on personal animus for the president is a breakdown of the cultural norms of social order.

The establishment of a two-tiered justice system is becoming the norm and the results will be more and more devastating to the rule of law. Similar to the formula for taxation, the rule of law is one tier for the political elite and illegal alien and one tier for Joe Lunchbox, who pays the vast majority by percentage of taxes for deadbeats. The president has discerned this fact pattern and has condemned it in no uncertain terms.

When the Massachusetts attorney general can publicly affirm that being an illegal alien in the state of Massachusetts is not illegal, the rule of law has been seriously and I would suggest, dangerously compromised and provides the fertile ground for anarchistic behavior on both sides of the political spectrum.

The admittedly unacceptable behavior of any acts of violence or blocking of the public way by any neo-Nazi group should be treated with the identical application of the rule of law as the Black Lives Matter black nationalist groups. Certainly, the idea of “What do we want? Dead Cops” and being masked in the public square constitutes probable cause. Or should.

Equal application of the rule of law is no longer the norm in much of the United States and the results are on film. It is/was predictable and is destined to get far worse as the disease of liberalism wreaks havoc across the country.

One bottle of glue that holds this country together as “One nation, under God” is a public and political renunciation of selective law enforcement.

Selective enforcement of the law is epitomized by the unconstitutional sanctuary status and all unconstitutionally protected classes.

Don C. Hayward

County Road

Monument Beach

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