Coming from the hardcore advocacy of private property rights superseding the use of eminent domain by private developers of so-called below-market/distressed value property, Massachusetts Maritime’s use of such statute is not comparable.

First of all, Mass. Maritime, as an educational crown jewel, is located within close proximity to numbers of low-market-value properties.

It is not a private developer and in contrast, it just happens to be one of the few degree-producing institutions that is directly connected to a perfect, in my view, blend of academics and the real world of a high-end level of earning capacity.

Mass. Maritime caters to those men and women who are upwardly mobile and motivated by the need for an independent and self-sufficient lifestyle either at sea or shore. It earns military recognition for excellence as well the private sector gold stars.

Rather than bending over backward in accommodation of those who bring money into Buzzards Bay by turning Buzzards Bay Park into a parking facility used by everyone, the Bourne planning geniuses turned Buzzards Bay Park into a money pit recreational area, a high-volume water waster by a sprinkler head evaporation system, and a lawsuit generator.

The only thing that is remotely close to this brain-dead land use is the creation of main street bump-outs that turned a rather safe stretch of the uncongested roadway into a public safety and truck delivery use nightmare.

In the same breath, Bourne geniuses lament the public parking “crisis.” They created the parking crisis themselves.

Don C. Hayward

County Road

Monument Beach

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