As a resident and taxpayer in the Town of Bourne, I call on Selectman George Slade to immediately resign from his seat following his insensitive remarks published in The Bourne Enterprise regarding the passing of one or our beloved longtime residents, Linda Zuern.

In his position as a selectman, Mr. Slade should not have published the personal health information of a private citizen to the general public through an editorial.

Whether or not it has become public knowledge, information as to why a person is hospitalized, cause of death and certainly any treatments they have received or not received, is supposed to be protected information under HIPAA law. Selectman Slade should have known that and respected his constituent’s personal information.

Knowing that she did not agree with him, Mr. Slade took advantage of Ms. Zuern’s death to promote his own personal opinion about COVID vaccinations. He stated he was troubled to learn of her opposition to COVID vaccines and wished she had lived long enough to influence her own followers to get in line more with his own personal views.

Mr. Slade may feel that his views are supported by science, and that the public would approve his actions, but that does not justify what he did.

Furthermore, the general public does not appear to support the view that there should be universal vaccination, as demonstrated by the fact that less than 50 percent of Americans have chosen to become fully vaccinated.

We are now seeing numerous athletes and celebrities refusing vaccination and stating that they would rather give up their careers than risk the complications of vaccinations. These include NFL players like Cole Beasley of the Buffalo Bills and Dax Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys; coaches Rick Dennison of the Minnesota Vikings and Cole Popovich of the New England Patriots; Michael Andrew, USA Olympic swimmer, and Novak Djokovic, tennis player. And we know that golfer John Ram, who reported to the public he was fully vaccinated, was disqualified while leading the PGA Memorial tournament by six strokes in the final round for testing positive for COVID-19 and has now been disqualified from the Olympics after testing positive again.

The current science is that, of all the new COVID infections being reported, more of them are occurring among fully vaccinated persons.

It is my opinion that Selectman Slade has failed to fulfill his responsibilities to the voters in the Town of Bourne. He has also shown gross insensitivity to the feelings of Bourne residents during this difficult time and inability to think critically about the issues related to the COVID crisis.

Thomas R. Barnes

Thorne Road


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