With much talk about plans for new canal bridges and related local road infrastructure changes, the silence is deafening on how federal bridge funding will ever fit into this current administration’s demand to build the Mexico border wall first.

All available resources, both money and staffing, in the US Army Corps of Engineers have been commandeered for the wall, the top priority project of clearly indeterminable time, cost and complications.

Bourne was the only Cape town to vote for Donald J. Trump, but Massachusetts is otherwise considered a “blue state” by virtue of the Democratic congressional seats and has absolutely no standing or powers to bypass the Senate or the White House.

The Corps within its ongoing annual national infrastructure budget would normally have wide discretion to initiate work immediately on the new canal bridges project.

Now, however, the Corps flag rank officers have no desire or ability to respond to such bridge building entreaties by our Democratic senators or representatives. Alternatively, trying to get a special earmark bill authorization and appropriation passed in this current atmosphere is just a sad pipe dream and slow walk to the public’s appetite for quick action.

So Cape Cod now will better understand that emotional voting, or not voting at all, has real consequences locally!

J. Kevin Burke

Studio Drive

Buzzards Bay

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