Bright Spot #1: Meetinghouse Clay in Cataumet Village....This historic former church, once dance studio/yoga center building at 1340 County Road has been transformed.

New shingles, new almost floor to ceiling, historic windows, simple signage...all surrounded by stunning, blooming perennials; baskets of colorful annuals, hiked up on tall, wrought iron planters, drawing the eye up to appreciate the architecture of the building.

On my drive-by day, through the open front door could be seen potters at work on the wheel and tables....What a model/inspiration for the preservation of historic buildings! Worth a visit...or maybe take a class!

Bright Spot #2: Article in the July 12, 2020, Boston Globe, “Woods Give Way To Solar Farms”: Massachusetts is a leader in solar power, but it may be at the cost of forests and woodlands....Many thousands of acres of undeveloped forested land have been denuded, when forests are actually natural solar farms, removing carbon dioxide and adding oxygen to the atmosphere....The article points out the need to strike a balance....”Misguided state incentives may have encouraged building solar farms on undeveloped land.” Shedding light (pun intended) on this dilemma is a “good thing.” A good read!

Not-So-Bright Spot #1: The June 23 Bourne local elections. There seemed to be some unnecessary “rivalry” around signs...their location, colors, message, et cetera, and an overemphasis resulting in the old tactic of “taking” a rival’s signs....One candidate had five signs “taken” from a popular polling place, which are still “missing.” There was also a very large presence of the Bourne Democratic Town Committee....Fine, but many of the candidates seemed to be running as Democrats....Granted, this is a volatile election climate, and presidential election year...but Democrat versus Republican should not overshadow local elections....Is it about getting Democrats onto Bourne boards and committees? Massachusetts is 55 percent unenrolled (independent). These candidates are not being elected to the State House or Washington.

Sandra E. Goldstein

County Road


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