Bourne has an opportunity to reverse a decision and move the town forward at the pending October 28 Town Meeting. Once again, we will vote on retail recreational marijuana sales in Bourne.

The last time this question came up, many of our older voters were led to believe the same old “reefer madness” that our federal government pushed for 50 years: marijuana can cause schizophrenia, our property values will go down, banks can’t do business with retailers, the town will only receive $30,000 and the money isn’t worth it.

None of those statements or any other statement against the sale of recreational marijuana was true.

Some said, let’s wait and see how it works in other towns. Well, we have waited and what have we seen is that not much has changed. Property values haven’t gone down, crime hasn’t gone up, homelessness hasn’t gone up; the only thing that has gone up is revenue. Towns that have allowed retail sales of marijuana are receiving close to $1 million in host agreements and tax revenue.

Some will still say it’s not worth it. I say that if any one of them knew the next scratch ticket behind the counter was a $1 million winner, they would buy it in a heartbeat.

If you’re coming to Town Meeting, come informed. The statements about marijuana from the past just aren’t true; the federal government doesn’t even believe them.

In fact, there are several bills making their way through Congress to decriminalize it and make it legal federally. Many nationally known groups such as AARP are publishing articles about recreational and medical marijuana to keep their members informed. In fact, one article stated that “in one recent survey of Colorado residents age 60 to 94, a third said they used marijuana recreationally.”

So please come informed with today’s facts. Don’t listen to the same three or four people who choose to live in the past; they use this page on a weekly basis to spread their antiquated beliefs.

It’s time to allow our residents their freedom to make their own choices. Help the town move forward and not leave us wondering how we let another good opportunity go to our neighboring towns.

Kevin Hough

Shore Road


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