My opinions are based on the premise that the new station [the planned Cumberland Farms site at the Bourne Rotary] will have many compelling attractions that will result in a successful business venture, and one that complements the future goals for the town. The term “compelling” is defined (internet) as “evoking interest, attention or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way.” Obviously, people will use the facility if there is a compelling reason, for example, need for gas and convenience store products. But there could be a number of other reasons.

New major manufacturing investment commitments for electric vehicles suggest a long-lasting future demand for EV charging services that could be added to the new station. But the proper charging system choices have to be made. For example, electric pickup trucks with more powerful motors will require more charging equipment and charging time; travelers may seek fast-charging capabilities, et cetera. Providing customer amenities while charging would be a compelling attraction. But there can be limitations due to space, available power-supply infrastructure and equipment costs.

While all this seems rosy, there are added burdens to the design of the station such as the expanded needs for restrooms and food services. The health and well-being of the customers must be protected. The current rampage of the coronavirus requires thoughtful station design that satisfies the protocols of the CDC. A compelling attraction would be to offer the best technology in the needed restroom design such as hands-free appliances and ventilation management. Food services should also be a compelling attraction—offering truly Cape Cod specialties as lobster and seafood, salads—by connecting with successful local suppliers and restaurants.

All of the mentioned station design issues seem rather challenging, especially when we are challenged by the ongoing pandemic and auto/truck production changes. Perhaps site development should be phased to trend the ongoing developments and make the right choices.

Philip Levine

Harbor Hill Drive


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