The Pocasset River Area of Critical Environmental Concern is a Town of Bourne identification of either the unimproved parking area adjacent to the river itself and/or perhaps just the river as a waterway. Either way you get the point.

As a factual matter this designation has been rendered useless by virtue of the abuse of executive authority encouraged by the conservation agent. The preposterous assertion that the Bourne Board of Selectman has the absolute authority for the expenditure of taxpayer money for a project at that site that the Planning Board had previously put on hold is outrageous.

By being an area of “critical” environmental concern the board of selectmen has both usurped and overruled the residents that had previously voiced opposition to the project plus the duly designated board designed specifically for the planning of the area so designated. The end run around the planning board is obvious and undemocratic at least.

Speaking as someone who views the environmental movement as being something of a religion rather than as a logical approach to gradual and pragmatic improvements, putting tar on an area that abuts a ACEC just doesn’t meet the logic test.

One might suspect a connection between the encouragement of vehicular use and boat trailers in direct conflict with the residential concerns as a possible revenue enhancement source.

I would suggest further that by changing the “volume” of use adjacent to an ACEC that the board of selectmen have violated their own designation of the property.

Don C. Hayward

County Road

Monument Beach

Note: Selectman Peter J. Meier wrote that this letter to the editor has some incorrect information. “At no time will anything be asphalt paved over there. In fact is all loam, seed and dense grade soil,” he said.

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