With all the rioting, burning and stealing all of us have recently seen on TV while our illustrious politicians just stand by and let the criminals loot and destroy while saying nothing, you might want to consider this question: “Can you defend your property if a criminal decides to torch, steal or even harm you in your home?”

Unfortunately in this state with our wimpy politicians the answer is basically, “No, until the criminal is inside your home and you feel imminent harm!” It appears our politicians would rather protect the criminal’s rights then all of us law-abiding Massachusetts citizens. And now some of our mayors and governors want to dismantle or defund our police forces, leaving us with less protection than we now have.

I’m not an attorney, but after using Google to review some of our Massachusetts laws and doctrine, I can say why we Massachusetts citizens have a big problem, considering the below:

The term Stand Your Ground has frequently been in the news. In Stand Your Ground states, such as Florida and Texas, an individual can use force, without retreating and to protect himself against a threat. In these states, shooting an attacker would generally be considered within your rights if you feared for your safety. Massachusetts, however, is not a Stand Your Ground state.

Massachusetts is a duty to retreat state, which means that you cannot use deadly force even in self-defense if you can reasonably avoid harm by retreating (such as running away). If, however, you are cornered, or otherwise unable to retreat, you are legally allowed to use deadly force if your life is threatened.

And now, we come to the castle doctrine. In some states, using Google to search, your home is considered your castle and you have the right to protect your property, including your property outside your home, but in this state, Massachusetts, you cannot use deadly force to protect your property until the intruder has physically entered your home and you’re cornered and you don’t have a reasonable way to escape.

Most of the above three paragraphs are from the Altman, Attorneys At Law website I found via Google. I have no relationship whatsoever with Altman.

What I am suggesting is we should kick our politicians in the rear and say change our castle laws and Stand Your Ground rules so at least we have a reasonable chance to defend our property and lives before the very last moment, when they’re in our homes. Massachusetts should at least give us the right to protect our lives and property before we need to virtually retreat from our homes.

This is so pathetic, our laws are so disgraceful, they need to be changed now to protect the law-abiding citizens versus protecting the criminals. Am I missing something, or aren’t the cities and towns with the most damage governed by Democrats? It says a lot for them by NOT trying to protect their constituents and just the criminals.

Daryl K. Smith

Sycamore Avenue

Sagamore Beach

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Bella Stella

Well said Daryl, I second that motion!

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