We need to publish an updated dictionary because the Democrats are accusing the Republicans of so many different phobias, I’m beginning to lose track of all of them.

The only one I haven’t heard lately is a claustrophobic Republican, so you might as well charge Republicans and independents with that phobia. Why not?

It seems that every time a Republican accuses a Democrat of doing something wrong that we are also “racist” about something, and I’d like to know, what is a “white nationalist?” Is it a white person that believes in America and our Constitution? Give me a break.

And, as a matter of fact, Democrat politicians have been calling us Republicans or independents all racists almost every hour of the day for whatever we object to when Democrat politicians are doing something we view as wrong, devious or insane. Do those Democrats realize they are definitely unwinding the clock of the nation’s previous decades of efforts and progress to bring all colored races (and last I heard, white is also a color) and religions together in this country?

Democrat politicians have raised the racism flag so high and often that now us, who have lived quietly for decades and got along with, as you would call it, other colors of skin and religions are now saying enough is enough. Democrats are literally destroying the advancements our population has made over the last 50-plus years.

Hopefully enough of us will vote and kick every last fanatical Democrat out of office, especially Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (aka AOC) and the Squad in the next election. And I don’t blame AOC and the Squad directly, but I do blame the idiots that voted them in.

Those four women plus Bernie Sanders and other liberal and socialist Democrats will be the downfall of our country and the Democratic Party. And yes, I know I must have a woman phobia and must be racist at the same time since the Squad is all women, and I do believe they are mentally out to lunch. I’m trying to be kind.

And of course there’s that liberal city in California that’s taking “man” out of most words, such as manhole or freshman. So what are we supposed to call a woman now? “Wo?”

And I don’t understand why Democrats don’t want to tear down Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s statue, because he was against gays. Isn’t that being racist? Or is that because blacks cannot be racists and only whites are?

And the Democratic presidential debates that happened last week are better than any comedy show now airing. I really hope that Democrats will come to their senses, but miracles don’t often happen.

Just one last question for the Democrats: When can we expect you to attempt to terminate Christmas Day as a national holiday, since you are striking out “Under God” in most sayings and Jesus is the son of God, so shouldn’t that holiday be deleted as a national holiday?

Daryl K. Smith

Sycamore Avenue

Sagamore Beach

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