After the Civil War in America, there were groups of rich northerners who traveled to the South to take advantage of the post-war misery of southerners. They were called “carpetbaggers.”

Today, the Town of Bourne is being similarly invaded by representatives of Haven Corp., a marijuana company out of Boston, which hopes to overturn the results of the latest Town Meeting in Bourne and establish a foothold for the recreational marijuana industry in the town.

Make no mistake, this is not the result of a groundswell of public opinion among Bourne voters. These are the efforts of an outside business group to invade our town and set up a money-making enterprise. Residents who questioned those collecting signatures outside local businesses during the past month learned the collectors had been hired by Boston-based Haven Corp. to come to Bourne and work in the signature collection campaign.

As with the carpetbaggers who ravaged the South after the Civil War, these people have no affection for the citizens of Bourne or their children. Their affection is for the money they hope Bourne residents will spend on their marijuana products.

The vote at Town Meeting to ban recreational marijuana sales in Bourne wasn’t even close. The vote against the effort of the town to zone to allow marijuana vendors was also defeated. So those who support this effort to overturn the Town Meeting vote are outsiders trying to cash in on the current marijuana fad.

Rich and powerful forces are at work throughout this country to make a profitable industry out of marijuana, and those forces are currently at work in Bourne. I urge voters to prepare to attend Town Meeting on October 28 and once again prove that Bourne voters care about their children, and the character of their community, and choose not to become another pot town serving the interests of the corrupt marijuana industry.

Thomas R. Barnes

Thorne Road


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