When I spoke to the Bourne Enterprise reporter (“Mr. Slade Seeks Second Term as Selectman,” May 3 edition) about the town property naming policy adopted by the select board in December 2017, I thought it was crystal clear that the context was one of my regret for the way that the process unfolded.

But that did not come through to the reporter, at least in the article that was published, and my comments, lacking that crucial context, were misinterpreted in a letter that appeared in the May 10 edition of the Bourne Enterprise. The letter centered on the naming policy and asked me a direct question about how I feel. I asked the letter’s author for a face-to-face meeting, but she has so far declined.

During deliberations from July through December, the select board focused on the actual naming policy. In retrospect, it seems that the petitioners’ main desire was for the basketball court to be the location of a memorial to Jason Comoletti. Glenn Comoletti’s February 2018 letter to the select board helped open our eyes to the fact that we could, and should, have addressed that simple request before developing the complex policy.

I have never claimed credit individually for a policy that was clearly the work of the entire board, completed with thoughtful deliberation in several stages.

Nor did I mention 2014 as the year of the accident. I certainly understand that typos happen in newspapers.

George Slade

Eldridge Street



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