Could there possibly be a more insidious and superior way for bringing cultural competitive excellence to its knees than legalizing marijuana?

Probably not, but having a school department put its stamp of approval in doing away with valedictorians is a close second. It is being done by brain-dead “educrats” in the United States as we speak, along with removal from the National Honor Society.

What makes the legalization of recreational marijuana superior in competitive reduction is that it’s statewide and instantaneous with one vote and likely permanent. Then there is also the opt-out policy that needs more votes to opt out than to opt in if it becomes a zoning issue that legally it is not.

The bottom line in both efforts of the neo-communist leftist is that the goal is a reduction of competitiveness in both athletics and academics in schools. It is fair to say that taking schools out of any academic or athletic competitive environments reduces the natural desire of the student to excel.

All mind-altering substances used at the school-age level usually produce a significantly lowered intellectual capacity along with the reduction of competitive spirit.

Mediocrity celebration is the current trend in academia and in school departments everywhere that is dominated by leftist elitists.

Don C. Hayward

County Road



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