Landmarks were set at the Bourne Town Meeting when the electronic vote was introduced and was, in my view, a huge plus in the conducting of the legislative process. Kudos to Barry Johnson for introducing a time-saver and automatic “secret ballot” across the board. That’s the good news

Now comes the negative aspect of having to vote multiple times on an identical issue incorrectly tagged “recreational drug use.” Words matter, so that when drug use and downhill skiing or rollerblading are being normalized by identical labeling of “recreational” the entire premise becomes absurd on its face.

Additionally, perhaps the worst two days of my year was having to spend time in close proximity to both Haven Center drug sellers and many of those on a raised stage who had become representatives of the marijuana industry by their collective actions in support of sales and distribution.

As Bourne garners a well-deserved reputation for a no vote being merely a temporary and short-lived legislative act that began with a double vote on the $13 million school cost overrun, unethical conduct of the government has become routine in my view and the view of many others.

At the conclusion of the first night of Bourne Town Meeting the entirety of the Finance Committee, half of the Planning Board and probably all of the BOS remained and had become adversarial and hostile in their support of the drug seller Haven Center against the resident taxpayer. This fact left me and over one-half of the audience without committee and administrative representation.

Evidently remaining neutral on controversial issues has become quite beyond the intellectual capacity for elected and/or appointed officials of the Town of Bourne.

Don C. Hayward

County Road

Monument Beach

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