Our town charter dictates that an elected official cannot be recalled within six months of their election date. November 16 marked the sixth month that Bourne School Committee member Kari MacRae was elected. I want my vote back!

In October I attended a school committee public forum to listen to the truth about social media tweets made by Ms. MacRae. I went with an open mind and open heart because I couldn’t imagine the mother whose children attended school with mine and stepped up when called upon to help with events and activities could have posted such hurtful and biased tweets. If they were true, I honestly felt that this mother would apologize and try to rectify her mistakes. After all, we have all said and done things that we regret. Much to my horror, the truth was as it was told. Not only were her words hurtful, but they were also rooted in hate. She sat defiantly at that table, without regret in her voice, without remorse for what she had done or acknowledging the students and staff she had scarred by her actions. Let’s be clear, words have ACTIONABLE consequences. She stated that she would make sure political agendas would not be brought to the school committee table and that critical race theory would not be taught in our schools. Whether you agree or disagree, isn’t that statement agenda-driven? Politics have no place when you sit at the school committee table. You check them at the door! I fear her motivation for getting elected is not education-driven but indoctrination-driven. I have lost confidence in her ability to make sound decisions regarding the equity of education for the children of Bourne.

She recently announced her candidacy for state Senate representing the Plymouth and Barnstable District. She stated, “Wow, we really need to get back to what America is about: freedom and being good to each other.” When she tweeted out slander (“said the fat man who thinks he’s a woman”) against Biden’s assistant health secretary, a transgender woman, is that the “good to each other” she was referring to? When her supporter, Mr. Fraser, verbally attacked and threatened the Select Board and later the school committee, with hostility and anger in his voice, is that also the “good to each other” she is supporting? He threatened the children of our community and the institution we use to educate them when he said, “I’ll get elected to school committee, and it won’t be fun.” Won’t be fun for whom? Our children? Our staff? That is a threat, and she has done nothing to alleviate that threat to our students and staff. Hate has no political boundaries. I don’t want my vote associated with this woman.

I want my vote back! Who will join me?

Anne-Marie Siroonian

Shaker Drive

Monument Beach

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