Having read the account of the recent Bourne School Committee meeting, I am compelled to proclaim, “I’m with Kari.”

She showed courage in expressing principles that she believes are in the best interest of the students and families in Bourne, in spite of the fact that they run counter to the social engineering and junk science that dominates mainstream media and politics today. That makes her exactly the kind of leader we need in Bourne.

I thought that the points Ms. MacRae was making were clearly focused on supporting families, and making decisions based on reality, rather than political agendas.

All we hear from the mockingbird media these days regarding schools and families is repetition of a socialist agenda—the goal of which is to reinvent America into something that would be unrecognizable to most of us. The values they promote as “American values” would have been laughed at 50 years ago, but today we are constrained to learn and follow in lockstep or fear being ostracized. Yet this agenda strikes at the traditional religious beliefs, the nuclear family and what we knew as basic education in Bourne since its inception.

Ms. MacRae’s critical thinking skills—a rare and precious quality for a leader in Bourne these days—expose the pandemic of naivety that causes us to miss the threats to our children through the schools and media. We have so much virtue signaling and cover-your-ass behavior going on that we obscure the fact that our children and all the people of Bourne are at risk, like all the towns around us, of seeing our constitutional rights and our God-given human rights violated. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the school system where the rights of parents to govern the way their children are raised is threatened. I was happy to hear one committee member state that critical race theory is NOT taught in Bourne schools, but I was disappointed at how the superintendent and principals seemed to gang up on Ms. MacRae unjustly.

It appears there was huge outrage and accusations from the LGBTQ group against Ms. MacRae because she spoke out against the sex/gender counseling that targets prepubescent students. Yet there was no evidence that those accusations were factual. In fact, Ms. MacRae introduced a family member who is a member of that community. What she did state, however, was that she opposes the victimization of students by adults whose agenda, it turns out, actually promotes gender confusion. In case some in our community are not aware, there are horrible stories of adults who, as vulnerable children, underwent gender counseling and therapy and have since admitted to having been guided into bad decisions that they later regretted—even to the point of being suicidal.

There is no sensible explanation why school-age kids, who get on a bus to go learn how to read and write, should be confronted at school with issues of personal gender choice by teachers who are not qualified to handle the subject matter. It SHOULD be left to the parents who love the children, know the children best and are best able to understand if their children are having issues that need to be addressed.

It is also clear that Ms. MacRae, like almost everybody else we know, accepts the inclusivity that is basic to our community of Bourne today.

I wish we had a whole school committee full of Kari MacRaes. I will vote for her reelection whenever I have the opportunity. I hope she does not recant or apologize for standing up for the well-being of the children entrusted to her as a member of the school committee. Shame on those administrators and others trying to cancel her because she doesn’t fit the socialist agenda being pushed on our children and families.

I’m with Kari.

Thomas R. Barnes

Thorne Road


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