As described in the news story concerning the Cumberland Farms Rotary Plan in the July 3 edition of the Bourne Enterprise, the Bourne Planning Board has placed a condition of approval on drivers exiting the station to go south on MacArthur Boulevard and use the nearest turnaround to return to the rotary.

The proposed turnaround is not designed as a “turnaround,” but as a convenient way to the town dump. Most of the traffic using it is heavy-duty trash trucks, dump trucks and semi-trailer ash carriers with motivated drivers who are on the clock, working. The traffic also consists of pickups and sedans overloaded and headed to the dump. Their intent is not to turn around but to get across MacArthur Boulevard to a path that leads to a deceleration lane for the dump. Evidently the planning board suggests adding to this traffic mix. Risk on!

In every problem, there is an opportunity. In this case the opportunity is to improve traffic that will benefit all business and business development (sorely needed) on MacArthur Boulevard between the Bourne Rotary and Waterhouse Road by adding a new turnaround closer to the rotary. There are now six turnarounds, more or less, on MacArthur Boulevard, so we know how to do them well and quickly. This would be a compromise with Cumberland Farms so their customers can exit to the rotary via a more convenient route.

On the other hand, all signs point to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation planning for the new bridges with likely changes in the rotary traffic pattern that can resolve this issue. That may be 10 years away, however. Hopefully the planning board will seek advice from the DOT planners.

Philip T. Levine

Harbor Hill Drive


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