The Haven Center is seeking to repeal Bourne’s established bylaw of October 1, 2018, keeping more drugs out of Bourne.

In December 2018, the attorney general’s office notified town clerk Barry Johnson that the vote “was valid” as a municipal bylaw.

Still, in January 2019, the Haven Center sued the Town of Bourne for it being done unlawfully!

Initially, the Haven Center presented itself as a simple, medical help type of store. Now we know they sue, sue, sue! Charlton, Brewster, Bourne and God only knows who else.

They seem a growing chain of pot shops, out first for money and not really caring about people, in my opinion.

Many Bourne residents do not want the outright approval of drugs into Bourne, as seen by the majority vote in 2016. Maybe there could be another ballot vote?

Bourne adults, though, need now to speak up and out for Bourne’s children in saying no to more drugs, illegal or legal. Now is the time!

Richard D. Buguey

Waterhouse Road


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