One of Thomas Guerino’s first public statements as town administrator was and I quote: “My job will be to make the board of selectmen look good.”

It was then that I determined that Bourne had indeed hired the wrong man for the job, in my view.

Complicating the town administrator’s job is the construction of the home rule charter that has the town administrator with ultimate responsibility for the day-to-day oversight of the town departments with two strong chiefs in both public safety departments.

There is then the reality of two layers of protection in both the police and fire departments, with both departments being unionized and under civil service management restrictions as well. This has the effect of establishing work rules of two unions for public safety employees.

The fire department has supervisory positions in the same bargaining unit (union) as the rank and file that, in my view, is an untenable situation because it leaves the fire department without “management” on the night shifts.

Then there are further complications with the “litigation” aspect of management with a growing unhealthy dependence on governance by the judiciary. If indeed, the department heads have the authority to go directly to Mr. Troy, rather than Mr. Guerino, it explains the $300,000 in legal fees for Mr. Troy’s office.

Then there is the recent absurd legal/political exhortation at Town Meeting where Mr. Troy suggests the end of the world if a conflicting zoning bylaw is not approved specifically for the Haven Center drug sellers. Bizarre.

I would suggest that this legal/political unsolicited absurdity provides just cause for termination of Mr. Troy’s contract as a town attorney.

If there is a resident of Bourne out there who will actively support a mayoral town council form of governance and run on that platform, I suspect that he or she will be elected.

The charter does not work in Bourne and has cost us big bucks by inherent lack of accountability. The Veterans Memorial building and the “water park” are prime examples of unacceptable government actions.

Don C. Hayward

County Road


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